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Team Philosophy


The Jen Scholte Team | Century 21 Millennium Inc. Brokerage

Value DrivenMike & Jen

We are an attractive business that is productive, enthusiastic, passionate, competent, innovative and inspired. Our team is committed to you with a high level of integrity and indomitable spirits.

Guiding Principles

As a team, we believe that our real estate success is a direct measurement of our contribution to the market place and our local community. We acknowledge that without challenges there is no growth, we welcome the character building experiences and the opportunities to be productive outside of the normal real estate box. As you begin working with our team you will notice that not only are we committed to you, we also stand behind each other, persevere together, and set each other up for success each and every day. It’s exciting to have confidence that the choices we make today affect the future possibilities and opportunities for our clients

Committed To Constant Improvement

Having a passion for excellence raises the bar and by attending to the small details we just keep on reaching it!

Throughout the year you may hear about the neat and interesting educational opportunities that assist us in doing a great job.

Our Client Appreciation Events held throughout the year are a way to say Thank You. For our team they allow us to celebrate our business with our clients and engage the community in a positive way

When you talk, we LISTEN! By giving you 100% attention we know exactly what we need to do for you.

Enjoy being part of the Jen Scholte Team and Network. Someone on our team will make you say ‘WOW’ when you least expect it.

Our community of clients are ‘ENERGY STAR’ people who also contribute to life with their own enthusiams and brilliance.

The Jen Scholte Team promises to be true to what you’ve just read and make every possible effort to act on these principals every day! Thank you in advance for putting an incredible level of trust in us and our actions.

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